Shipping from YOU to US:
Shipping instructions for ordering LifeGem diamonds.
If you need assistance, please call 866-543-3436, or click here to request your free shipping kit. Please include your complete mailing address and any additional questions on the form.
1. Package and Secure
If sending a lock of hair, we need only the amount collected during a routine haircut. If you have less, this option may still apply. Please inquire with a LifeGem Specialist.
If sending cremated remains, separate out NO MORE THAN 8 ounces (about 1 Cup) and tightly secure in a plastic bag or other plastic container. DO NOT send all of the ashes.
2. Send Package To LifeGem
Package as you would any valuable item. In a small shipping box, place the following two items: a.) the sealed portion of hair or remains, b.) a copy of your order receipt.
Mail via PRIORITY MAIL to:
LifeGem (Attn: Orders)
836 Arlington Heights Rd. #311
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(Insure your package for the amount you feel necessary. Legally, only US Mail accepts
remains, please do not send via FedEx or UPS.)

Shipping from US to YOU:
All LifeGem diamond orders ALWAYS include overnight shipping upon completion of the your order. We will never ship your diamond until after we have verbal confirmation of your requested ship date and location. All LifeGem diamond orders are insured while shipping.
Shipping rates for all products vary by weight and shipping destination. Shipping rates are listed during checkout.