We are honored to do what we do. This is not just a "job" for us, this is our dream, this is our mission, this is our life. We have been creating LifeGem diamonds since 2001. It took four years of hard work and everything we had to make the LifeGem diamond a reality. We believe in the LifeGem with every ounce of our soul, and we hope it shows.

The LifeGem Mission is to ease the grieving process.  We aren't trying to make it go away.  Grieving is a natural and an important part of the healing process.  The LifeGem diamond is something to help you along your journey and celebrate the life of someone very dear.

If you have lost someone you would like to honor with a LifeGem diamond, call 866-LIFEGEM (543-3436) and request your free shipping kit.  It has everything you need to quickly and securely return your order to us.