Green LifeGem Diamond - Option 2<br>(.30 - .39ct)

Green LifeGem Diamond - Option 2
(.30 - .39ct)

The LifeGem diamond, created from the carbon in a lock of hair or ashes, is a beautiful and meaningful diamond for you and your family.
As the most precious and rare diamond you could ever own, this stunning LifeGem diamond makes a unique statement.
The LifeGem state-of-the-art diamond facility prides itself on creating the highest quality diamonds possible with flaws similar to those found in natural diamonds.  LifeGem clarity ratings range from VVS to I.
Click here for specific instructions on sending the hair or ashes to LifeGem.
Please choose whether you will be ordering more than one LifeGem diamond of any size or color.
Price discount for ordering more than one LifeGem diamond of ANY size or color.
Only ordering one.
Pay in full or only a 50% Deposit
If you are buying one LifeGem, the deposit is $2149.

If you are buying more than one, the deposit is $1649 each.

In either case, the final balance of $2150 per LifeGem plus tax will be due prior to delivery.
Please charge the full amount now
The carbon source to be used to create your LifeGem diamond(s).
First Name
(Of hair donor / deceased)
Last Name
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Middle Initial (use X if not available)
(Of hair donor / deceased)
  • No, I am only ordering one LifeGem diamond.
  • Pay ONLY the deposit now. The final balance of $2150 per LifeGem + tax will be due prior to delivery
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